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Health systems are frequently designed to discriminate against unhoused people. The plan is for this facility to help provide medical services. Additionally, our Kaiser about 1 mile away specifically reserves beds for unhoused people.


Unhoused people often act with perceived care avoidance in part due to the stigma of being homeless, fear of having multiple chronic conditions, as well as limited access to the care they need.

Evidence supports decreased mortality among homeless people when they are sheltered vs on the street. 

Housing is considered to be a social determinant of health, meaning that it is a proven factor in a person's quality of health. 

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Access to private bathrooms, showers, and hygiene products will allow residents to perform necessary self care and keep themselves healthier.

Increased ambulance calls is not an inherently bad thing. It means that people in need of medical care are able to access it, when otherwise they might not have had the means to receive it.

It is illegal to deny housing or discriminate against people based upon disability. Our low-barrier facility will be a great resource for people who are in need of healthcare.


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