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Over 20% of adults are recorded to have a mental illness, and many more likely have one but are undiagnosed. Mental health is important for everyone, and impacts all people.

If a person living in this facility is in need of mental health support, they will be able to access it easily. With counselling and social workers, this project will actually limit the number of public disturbances. 

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Mental illness is not a moral failing. Often it comes from specific experiences or even genetics. Many of your neighbors already have mental illness and pose no threat.

Studies show that providing shelter, especially shelter with dignity such as this facility, significantly improves a person's mental health. Meanwhile, living on the streets can cause trauma which negatively impacts mental health.

People with mental illness are typically a bigger danger to themselves than those around them. Proposed support programs in this facility can help mitigate the threat they pose to themselves.

40 to 52 million people suffer from mental illness or substance abuse, and the vast majority do not experience homelessness. 

Most mental illnesses are disabilities, and it is illegal to discriminate against disability. 


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