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Currently, our society tends to rely on the criminal justice system and emergency rooms when confronting unhoused people. Both of those systems cost tax payers millions. Supportive housing is shown to be less expensive, and bring down costs in those other systems.

If City Council and County Supervisors approve this proposal, they will apply for a HomeKey grant from the state. This is the last round of HomeKey, and the funds will likely be depleted quickly.

The plan as it is presented is for the City, County, HomeKey & Sobrato foundations to share the cost of the project. If only the City OR the County approve the project, the other entity will likely take on additional financial burden. It is important that both governments approve this proposal.

The county already owns this land, making the process of obtaining it for this purpose affordable compared to purchasing a new piece of land from a private owner. 

Evidence shows that building supportive housing facilities actually save tax payers significant amounts of money in the long run.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 152356.png
Screenshot 2023-04-01 170655.png

A modular design with prefabricated units as proposed is expected to be less expensive than building an entire facility from scratch. 

With nothing currently developed on the property, there is nothing to tear down, eliminating what is typically the first stage of construction.


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