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Interim housing can mean a lot of different things. For this project, it means registering with the county, private units, supportive services, and a guaranteed place to stay for up to 6 months.

The goal for every unhoused person is to find permanent supportive housing. This is only possible by creating entry points into the county system. Interim housing is one of the best entry points.

This model of supportive housing can be a great way to bridge the gap for vulnerable people who are in between permanent housing solutions.

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Supportive interim housing provides an opportunity for unhoused people to make the transition back into community and neighborhoods while also receiving supportive services.

People living on the streets are more likely to accept placement into interim housing with private units than congregate shelters.

Interim or transitional housing not solve homelessness on its own, but it is shown to be an important piece of a larger system.

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Research suggests that the longer a person is experiencing homelessness, the harder it is to exit. Interim housing helps to mitigate this. 


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