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Santa Clara City and County have both seen rising numbers of unhoused people in recent years. The exact numbers are generally understood to be much higher. 

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Proposal leaders have told us that this program would prioritize residents who are already living in our city, followed by others in the county. 

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Data shows that more people than ever are accessing homeless services in California. In our county, the list for unhoused people trying to get shelter is so long that people are waiting months for assistance. More beds means a shorter list and less wait time

California is just not building new homes. Not enough houses or apartments exist to accommodate a growing population.

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The State of California is requiring each county to increase the number of beds for unhoused people. If Santa Clara County does not fulfill this obligation, it will face a significant fine.

At least 3/4 of homeless people in Santa Clara county are unsheltered. They are living on the street and in the creeks where it is unsafe.

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