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One facility will not be the solution to the entire homelessness crisis in our county. But every step is an important piece of the puzzle. Every person that gets housed is one step closer to attacking the systemic problems in our policy and social systems.

Although we are dealing with record inflation, wages are not keeping pace. Many workers in the county are making the same or less in comparison to 2000.  

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The 2022 Santa Clara County Point In Time count reports that 1/5 of respondents say they spent at least one night in jail in the past year. This isn't a reflection of morality, it's a reflection of the failure of the criminal justice system, which targets vulnerable people and releases them back onto the street with no support. 

25% of unhoused people in our county report a history of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Survivors that have been strong enough to leave their situations deserve support from their community.

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The criminalization of homelessness has resulted in unhoused people with criminal records for things like sleeping outside, trespassing on public property, or other minor offenses that should not equate to jail time, fines, or a record. The result of these records is more difficulty in being approved for housing.  

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There is a significant lack of affordable housing in our county, making it even more difficult for lower income people to find a home to live in. 


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