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We're Still Here!

I know it's been a while... but I promise SCHA is still here! March 1 was our one year anniversary as a group and a lot has happened since then! If you are unfamiliar, you can read more about how we came to be on our About page on the website, where we also have Mission, Values, and Strategy statements that the Leadership Team worked hard to write last summer. 

First, an update on the Benton Project: There is no update.

The City & LifeMoves applied for a grant from the Third Round HomeKey project from the state. While some grants have been announced, a large sum of money has not been allocated. There have not been any updates since February. 

Second, an update on SCHA: There's a lot of updates!

As a grassroots volunteer group, sometimes other things come on our plates. And sometimes, those other things are really incredible actions for the community or for us personally. I'd like to take a moment to celebrate some of the great work our Leadership Team has been doing outside of SCHA, especially in the last 9 months:

- Running a ballot measure campaign

- Campaign Manager for a pro-housing candidate

- Participation on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

- Working with other pro-housing organizations around the County

- Networking with decision makers and advocates

- Hosting neighborhood events

- Promotions at work

- An engagement!

- Finding stable housing! 

- Travelling internationally

Looking forward...

The Leadership Team is set to meet soon and discuss next steps for SCHA. We chose the name Santa Clara Housing Advocates and not Lawrence Benton Neighbors because we knew we wanted to continue this work after the Benton project. And that's what we plan to do. There are new projects, ballot measures, educational opportunities, and more that we plan to consider. 

That means if you have any insight on a topic or project that you think SCHA might be interested in, please let us know!

Third, Upcoming Events: It's Affordable Housing Month!

While SCHA does not have any events planned, almost every housing organization in Santa Clara County is hosting an event as part of Affordable Housing Month in May. There are so many events happening, I wasn't able to list them all. Instead are just a few that are most applicable to SCHA, and a link to a full calendar compiled by our friends at SV@Home.

And remember to join SCHA Discord and keep an eye on the News-Events channel for ongoing announcements! 

Livable Sunnyvale & SV@Home

Thank you to Livable Sunnyvale for being an incredible ally, just across the street! 


Including speaker Consuelo Hernandez from the Office of Supportive Housing, who worked hard to get the Benton Project application through to the state. 

San Francisco Foundation, Partnership for the Bay's Future & Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County

An effort to get more community leaders at the table


3333 Kifer Road, Santa Clara

May 9 9:00-11:00: Agrihood Farm Tour

The Core Companies, Farmscape, & Agrihood

Agrihood Sustainable Community

76 North Winchester Boulevard, Santa Clara CA, 95050

Related California & Livable Sunnyvale


HomeKey is a State program



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